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    To evolve a traditional textile brand into an aspirational lifestyle brand
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    Brand Positioning, 
Brand Evolution

“As a custodian of a brand with such rich heritage, we have a duty to ensure that it continues to weather and meet the challenges of the times. We are delighted with our on-going collaboration with The Yard Creative who have allowed us to reflect upon this by creating the new brand architecture, the new elevated look and feel, as well as digital experience.”

Vanshika Goeka Mirsa, CEO, Christy



Bath and Bedding Brand

How do we move Christy’s dated identity into the future whilst respecting the brand’s heritage, which is synonymous with the Royal family and Wimbledon since 1850?



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Brand Assets



How did we evolve the brand?

Our development took us on a journey, delving deep into the Christy archives to draw inspiration from the past to inspire the future. The refined Christy wordmark was inspired by Christy’s strong and confident wordmark of the 1850’s, allowing us to build out the brand world further to provide more opportunities for expression, innovation, and collaboration. We looked at Christy in a holistic way to ensure we could lead and support across all aspects of the business, from their identity, tone of voice, retail environments, website, packaging, campaigns, and marketing. We built a dynamic brand that is an emotive storyteller, timelessly elegant, proud of its heritage, and driven by innovation. Christy is devoted to delivering exceptional products and experiences that embody the Christy brand essence. 


Brand Assets

Brand Assets

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